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If you are a scuba diver looking for more than just a dive experience, sing up for our lionfish hunt, hep to control this invasive species and maintain the ecosystem of our reefs, because it doesn’t have natural enemy and only we can to control a litle it propagation in these diving areas.

The new Padi Speciality INVASIVE LION FISH TRACKER, teaches you the techniques and skills to capture of this invasive fish,┬áTraining should emphasize safety and fun….

  • Live this super experience while helping to conserve the marine ecosystem.
  • Leanr to hunt to this fish with the spear.
  • Enjoy this activity and knowyou new friends.
  • Taste a ceviche, prepared for our professional chef.


  • Full equipment.
  • 2 tanks.
  • Snaks.
  • Lionfihs ceviche, after catch.
  • phothos.