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Tayrona Tours

Cristal Beach.

The best family plan, you can appreciate in the tour the beautiful panorama of Playa Brava or beach of the 7 waves, following the coastal route to Bahía Neguanje, where you will board a boat and after a navigation of approximately 10 minutes, you will land in the spectacular Cristal beach, where its crystalline waters invite you to immerse yourself and enjoy a relaxing bath, you can also immerse yourself by doing the snorkeling to appreciate its fascinating underwater life.


Ground Transportation with Air Conditioning, Transport by boat, Entrance to Tayrona Park, Professional Guide



Cost: $95.000 Cop

NOTE: Foreign tourists pay an additional fee of $ 30,000 pesos, for accident insurance and entry policies of NATIONAL PARKS.

Cañaveral, Arrecife, la piscina and Cabo San Juan.

This is a tour that includes a walk through the forest trails and the paradisiacal beaches of TayronaPark, where the harmony of the landscapes gives a total sense of peace and relaxation.

Starting at the beach of Cañaveral a 45-minute journey through a comfortable path, where you can see the great variety of flora and fauna of the region we reach the beaches of Arrecife, where we appreciate the strength of the sea and its strong waves; then we continue the journey along the beach, a walk of approximately 25 minutes to reach the Natural Pool, a beach with a barrier of rocks that form a protected “pool” where we can swim safely; again another short 15 minute tour to Cabo San Juan del Guia, an impressive place with the best contrasts of shapes and colors that the sea and the forest can show us, here we will find restaurants, hammocks, camping area, bathrooms and a beautiful and Peaceful beach to rest. in the afternoon we start again the ramp route to the parking lot of Cañaveral and finally in land transport to Santa Marta.


Ground transportation with air conditioning, Entrance to the Park, Professional guide.



Cost: $95.000. Cop.

NOTE: Foreign tourists pay an additional fee of $ 30,000 pesos, for accident insurance and entrance policies of NATIONAL PARKS.


Exotic Guajira and Cabo de la vela

This tour of ecological tourism and adventure takes us to this impressive place where the contrast of the sea with the desert dazzles us with its immense peace, besides being able to visit the hill of Pilón de Azúcar, the lighthouse and the Macuira natural park, we can practice a variety of water sports.

Departure at 4 o’clock in the morning, we arrived at Riohacha 7:30, where after breakfast we continued our way to the Cabo de la Vela and we can visit Uribia, Manaure, artisanal salt extraction zone practiced by the Wayuú Indians and the mines of salt concession, after a snack we continue our way crossing the desert by trails, to reach our destination at 2:30 pm.

After enjoying this paradisiacal place, we stayed in one of the tourist lodges in front of the beach where the Wuayuú offer us their dance of the Yoma using paintings and typical costumes of their culture, the lodging is made in the typical hammocks of the inns , where there is also the possibility of doing it in beds of the same.

On the second day, after breakfast and on the beach, we start the return journey, passing through Uribia and Riohacha where we will have lunch and start our way to Santa Marta, arriving around 6:30 p.m.


Cost: $250.000 Cop.
¡All inclusive!
  • Ground transportation in comfortable vehicles.
  • Two (2) breakfast and two (2) lunches.
  • One (1) Dinner.
  • Accommodation in hammocks
  • Bed *additional value
  • Professional guide


Minca is a coffee town located at the foothills of Santa Marta, full of friendly people, lush landscapes that contrast the thickness of its forests and mountains with the blue background of the Samario Sea, just 25 minutes from the city and 650 meters above sea level ​​we can feel a refreshing temperature full of pure air in the middle of forests, rivers, waterfalls, crystal clear water wells from the sierre nevada and many restaurants and products of the region.

DEPARTURE: 7:00 A.M.  RETURN: 5:00 P.M.

Valor: 130.000

Minca, Taganga and playa Grande.

The route starts from Santa Marta, arriving at Minca where after a typical breakfast we take a walk of about 20 minutes to the pozo azul, at noon we start the journey to Taganga, a fishingmen village very close to Santa Marta with lush landscapes, there we will enjoy a typical fish lunch of the area, later we will embark on a boat to Playa Grande where we can rest and enjoy an afternoon on the beach and then take the trip back to Santa Marta.


Valor: $90.000


  • Transport.
  • Breakfast in Minca.
  • Lunch in Taganga.
  • Transport on boat to Playa Grande.
  • Profesional Guide.

Bahia Concha.

This bay is one of the beaches that make up Tayrona Park, offers us a space for a day on a huge beach of white sand and crystal clear waters in the middle of a green landscape for its mountains and forests around it. Just 30 minutes from Santa Marta you can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant place like this, in addition to snorkeling, a walk on the beach and visit the famous “piedra del sapo”.

IT INCLUDES: Transportation in chiva from Santa Marta, entrance to the park, boat for snorkeling and professional guide.

DEPARTURE: 9:30 a.m. RETURN 4:30 p.m.


Valor: $70.000

NOTE: Foreign tourists pay an additional fee of $ 30,000 pesos, for accident insurance and entrance policies of NATIONAL PARKS.

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