Shipwrecks in Santa Marta

Santa marta, A sea of Shipwrecks. Come to enjoy of the best diving spots with shipwreck in Santa Marta, look at the severals shipwrecks and bargues full of sea life at differents deep. At your speciality course of WRECK DIVER  you can see: NATALIA YATCH: Located in...

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The Best 5 Spots for Diving of Santa Marta

Super Promo in October. Enjoy the best spots for diving in Santa Marta and Tayrona Park: for certified divers only.   2 days for diving   5 Tanks / Dives   Full Equipment   Snacks   Photos HD   Transport   Instructor guide COST: $400.000. COP   Morrito Largo....

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Great Spawning Corals in Tayrona Park

Corals are the most important structural units in the formation of these marine ecosystems; Tiny architects living in colonies that permanently build an external skeleton for their protection, thus giving rise to these oases of the tropical areas of the...

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Lionfish Hunting.

If you are a scuba diver looking for more than just a dive experience, sing up for our lionfish hunt, hep to control this invasive species and maintain the ecosystem of our reefs, because it doesn't have natural enemy and only we can to control a litle it propagation...

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Snorkel the Secret Bays of Tayrona

Cinto, Cristal Beach, Gayraca and isla Aguja. Live your best experience in the most beautiful bays of Tayrona Park. Leaving from the Marina Internacional of Santa Marta to Bahía Cinto, a paradisiacal beach to relax and get in touch with the nature of this place, its...

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Come to dive in Santa Marta with us!

Come and live your best experience.  At Tayrona Park, located 15 minutes from Santa Marta, we find Bahia Garnet and Aguja Island, with a wide variety of diving spots, from beginners to specialties for the most expert. characterized by its immense biodiversity that let...

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